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Producent pawilonów biurowych, kontenery handlowe, biurowe |  PHU  WALDI


Beach food kiosk

We had the opportunity to produce and install our new food kiosk in the region of Pomerania, where you can enjoy delicious food at the very seaside. We cordially invite to the beach in Mrzeżyno.

Container installation

Container installation does not require foundations, so it is possible to quickly extend the facility and move it to the another location. Sandwich panel facilities have very good thermal insulation properties.

Container price depends on your needs

Container price depends on customized customer needs and the main price-determining factor is window carpentry (PVC, aluminum). In office and sales containers store windows are often entirely made of glass and price also depends on application of finishing elements of various shapes. Colour scheme of finishings and walls depends on customer requirements.

Order realization

We start to realize an order by ordering sandwich panels with correct dimensions, colour schemes and thermal insulation parameters specified in a design.

At the same time we prepare a steel structure with correct bearing parameters adjusted to dimensions of a sales container. Window and door carpentry is made by the professional company in that branch.

Other elements needed to install such a facility are prepared by the team of assembly workers as per material needs.