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Producent pawilonów biurowych, kontenery handlowe, biurowe |  PHU  WALDI

About Us

Waldi company has been active in the building industry since almost 20 years. Our field of activity is the light construction technology for each branch of companies. Our offer includes sales containers, office containers, food kiosks, booths, garages, lodges and gatehouses, workshops, support areas, warehouses or public transport stops. Our facilities are made of a steel structure and a sandwich panel with a polystyrene or polyurethane core. Buildings do not require foundations, allowing for their easy transportation or extension. They are characterized by glamorous appearance and unique colour schemes that draw attention of customers and help to build the positive image of our companies.

It is worth choosing sandwich panel facilities!

We offer professional counselling, comprehensive services, maximum involvement and customized approach to needs of every customer, resulting in 100 % satisfaction. Moreover, sales containers have very good thermal insulation characteristics, resulting in maintaining energy-saving properties. We make use of great experience in order to obtain the highest possible quality, while all facilities are performed by duly skilled professionals and enthusiasts. We perform orders, starting from the design phase via installation of power, waterworks and sewage systems, providing equipment for sanitary rooms and finishing with transportation and installation of the facility.

Advantages of modular sales centres

As years are passing by, we notice growing interest in modular sales containers. They are appreciated for functionalities, esthetic finishing and marketing-related options (glass store windows or possible installation of specific decorative elements that would distinguish
a given location). An office container situated at the company premises is the place where each customer will feel well and comfortable, it is also a showcase of a company, as its interior is virtually the same as in traditional office buildings. As an office container manufacturer, we make our best to provide proper structural designs and esthetic finishing of our facilities. Such prepared containers may also serve for other purposes, especially in fields of trade and services. Our sandwich panel facilities are durable and weather-resistant, they also provide correct thermal insulation. We have been active in this field of industry for over a dozen years, allowing us to think we are a trust-worthy company with sufficient expertise. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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